Advanced Angular View Manipulation - Master Class by Nir Kaufman

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Nir Kaufman

Advanced Angular View Manipulation - Master Class

Nir Kaufman   11-12 May, 2020   Online Workshop

This is the most complete, up-to-date, in-depth workshop on this topic.
No questions will stay open.
In this Advanced, in-depth 2 day workshop, we will cover everything you need to know about Angular View layer, DOM manipulation, and dynamic rendering techniques.
You will get a deep and clear understanding of how Angular works under the hood. How to extend, manipulate, and build your own solutions for complex challenges, using everything Angular got to offer.

What you learn

  • All about View, View Hierarchy and View Containers
  • How to approach Presentation logic vs. Rendering logic
  • All about Properties modification and structural manipulation
  • Directive and components API in depth
  • Complexed custom directives design and implantation
  • Practical View Queries techniques
  • How to leverage content projection
  • Advanced Depenednecy injection patterns
  • How to control change detection
  • How to create and manipulate Embedded views
  • How to create and manipulate Host views
  • How to create and manipulate DOM elements - the right way
  • How to design and implement reusable shared UI
  • Dynamic rendering patterns
  • How to leverage TypeScript
  • How to tune the component performance
  • Much more...

This is a hands-on session.
You will implement several non-trivial features from scratch, using advanced patterns and techniques and less common API.
All students will get original materials and code samples, as well as online support directly from me via a dedicated group.



Become an Angular master by following practical step-by-step instructions that are proven to work.
Get a recording of the entire workshop!
Get a diploma!


You should have basic experience in building web applications with Angular and JavaScript.

Meet the master

Nir Kaufman

Principal Front-end Developer & consultant | Google Developer Expert | 500Tech

  • Google Developer Expert at Web Technologies
  • Meetup organizer: AngularIL, AngularNYC, NgSwat TLV and few others
  • Active worldwide conference speaker & workshop trainer
  • Author of books
  • Founder of the 'Frontend Band'
  • Can't get enough of this

Winner of ngAwards 2017

Trainer of the Year

  • Year-to-year sold out workshops
  • A longtime evangelist of Angular
  • Top rated trainer
  • Full of enthusiasm

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