Angular Architecture Workshop: Nx Monorepos, DDD, and Micro Frontends (including Angular Ivy) by Manfred Steyer

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Manfred Steyer

Angular Architecture Workshop: Nx Monorepos, DDD, and Micro Frontends (including Angular Ivy)

Manfred Steyer   4-5 May, 2020   Online Workshop

Business applications must be scalable, extendable and maintainable in the long term! This creates several challenges for the underlying software architecture.

In this workshop you will get to know some architectural styles, patterns and tools to master these challenges. You will learn how monorepos improve your architecture, how Nx supports you, and how it can be used to monitor and enforce your architecture.

We deal with the ideas of Domain Driven Design and use it to decouple our application parts from each other. You will learn how both a strategic and a tactical design can be implemented with Angular and what context mapping and bounded context have to do with it. The considerations result in possibilities for the realization of micro front ends. We cover various implementation strategies and discuss their consequences.

We combine all of this with state management and Redux / NGRX as well as with facades, behind which NGRX can be introduced step by step if necessary. We not only discuss the building blocks, but also proven NGRX patterns that have proven themselves in practice for large applications.

You will also see how the new Angular Ivy will affect your enterprise architectures in the future and which new approaches it enables.

In the end, you know how to make your Angular architectures robust. You can choose different options and evaluate them for your specific projects.

What you learn

Day 1: Strategic Design with Nx Monorepos, DDD, and Microfrontends

Part 1: Monorepos and DDD

  • Nx monorepos
  • Configurable libraries
  • Strategic DDD
  • Bounded context and context mapping
  • Implementation of Strategic DDD with Nx
  • Enforce architectural constraints
  • Visualize architecture

Part 2: Microfrontends

  • From DDD to micro front ends
  • Implementation variants with advantages and disadvantages
  • Dynamic loading of micro front ends
  • Communication between micro front ends
  • Share code using Web Components (Ivy, Angular Elements)
  • Compiling Microfrontends and sharing libraries with webpack externals
  • Authentication and authorization across micro front ends

Day 2: Tactical Design with NGRX, Patterns, and Practices

Part 1: NGRX building blocks

  • Motivation for state management
  • State
  • Actions
  • Reducer
  • NGRX and Feature Modules
  • Facades
  • Selectors

Part 2: NGRX Patterns and Practices

  • NGRX and Tactical Design (DDD)
  • Facades
  • Normalization
  • Optimistic UI



Develop a critical understanding for planning and implementing large enterprise applications with Angular.
Get a recording of the entire workshop!
Get a diploma!


You should have significant experience in building web applications with Angular and JavaScript.

Meet the master

Manfred Steyer

  • Trainer, consultant and programming architect with focus on Angular.
  • Trusted Collaborator for Angular who writes for O'Reilly the German Java Magazine, windows.developer and Heise.
  • Google Developer Expert (GDE).
  • Microsoft MVP.
  • Active worldwide conference speaker & workshop trainer.
  • Author of books.
  • Can't get enough of this.

Winner of ngAwards 2019

Trainer of the Year

  • A longtime evangelist of Angular & RxJS
  • Top rated trainer
  • Full of enthusiasm

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