Premature Performance Optimization in Angular - Master Class by Maciej Czerwiakowski

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Maciej Czerwiakowski

Premature Performance Optimization in Angular - Master Class

Maciej Czerwiakowski   18 May, 2020   Online Workshop

Improving Angular performance for new and returning customers without optimizing single line of code.

What you learn

First time load optimization techniques

  • Bundling
  • Tree shaking
  • Minification & UglifyJS
  • Compression
  • Lazy - loading
  • JiT vs. AoT compilation
  • SSR

Web app reload optimization techniques

  • Caching
  • Hashing
  • Service Workers

Runtime performance optimization techniques

  • How to profile?
  • Production vs development mode
  • Change detection
  • Immutable objects and async pipe
  • Advanced change detection
  • Track by and change detection
  • Decomposition
  • Pipe, @Input and @Attribute



Angular provides several approaches to dramatically increasing performance. This workshop shows how to use these possibilities by means of a systematically optimized application.
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You should have basic experience in building web applications with Angular and JavaScript.

Meet the master

Maciej Czerwiakowski

Independent IT consultant @7N, owner of 13DSGN.COM
Maciej is Senior .Net consultant @7N with 16 years of experience gained in various domains - from banking platforms up to power plants automations systems. His main focus is on highly scalable solution for enterprise customers based on cloud, microservices and micro frontend architecture. Maciej is enthusiast of implementing cutting edge technologies in customers’ projects, breaking monolith solutions into small Docker based containers and using modern technology stack based on .Net Core, Angular, Azure and Docker. In a spare time, Maciej is running his own company focused on IoT solutions for everyday life :)

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NG-Poland 2018

Angular Warsaw

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