Unit Testing in Angular - Master Class by David Müllerchen

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David Müllerchen

Unit Testing in Angular - Master Class

David Müllerchen   22 June, 2020   Online Workshop

We know this situation: there you take a task in the project, take it and continue to the next task. But how do I know if the first task is solved? Sure, monkey test. So test yourself. But what if this feature does not work anymore because of somebody else (we seldom do it ourselves)? Sure, we could test every feature after every commit. But that takes time. Time costs. And that after every commit. Expensive. No, a better solution is because unit tests, these test the developed feature. Together with the CI, they can also be run automatically after each commit, without having to spend time on it. Let's write unit tests and develop a TDD-style feature.

What you learn

  • Set up your testing environment
  • Write unit tests
  • Use Angular helper functions
  • Test Angular services, pipes, directives and components
  • Test your Forms
  • Test asynchronous code

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Let's write unit tests and develop a TDD style feature.
Get a recording of the entire workshop!
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You should have basic experience in building web applications with Angular and JavaScript.

Meet the master

David Müllerchen

JavaScript developer, freelancer, Google Developer Expert in Angular
David Müllerchen is an Angular consultant and trainer. David has a passion: sharing knowledge. He loves to speak and teach at meetups and conferences. He is Also an organizer of the Hamburg AngularJS Meetup and a GDE in Angular.

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